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If you are a parent who would like to become more knowledgeable about the IEP process, work through the complexities of your child's needs, and effectively community with your school team, you've come to the right place.

Your child deserves the right to a free and appropriate education that means there specific, individualized needs.

Hey! I'm Jessica!

I felt incredibly unprepared for my child's first IEP meeting. Even though I read all the books and memorized all the terms, no one warned me about how emotional these meetings can be for parents.

As I sat in a room full of educators, who took turns sharing one deficit area after another, a wave of hopelessness about my child's future took over. I allowed this hopeless feeling to rule my decision-making and my vision for my children.

Eventually, I was tired of crying and feeling lost. So, I took action by strengthening my advocacy voice! From that day forward, I promised to use my knowledge to support other families and help elevate their voices at the IEP table.

Are you ready to...

Have some control within the IEP process?

Managing your child's IEP can easily become overwhelming. By focusing your energy on learning how the process works can help you take back some control over an already confusing system.

Grow your IEP knowledge & advocacy skills?

We are constantly looking for the best support for our child at home and at school. So, why wouldn't we want a guide to help with our child's IEP? The right guide will help you learn to advocate using positive communication strategies.

Use progress report data & make decisions?

Large IEP caseloads can create barriers for parents In special education. Learning how to Interpret your child's IEP data Is key to your child making progress and to their overall success. This Is absolutely something you can do and be great at with some guidance.

Move towards being proactive from reactive?

SThe special education system Is a reactive system, which means they response when they "see" a child having a difficult time. It's up to you to be pro-active In asking questions and sharing our concerns with your IEP team. You can do that without being pinged as "THAT" parent!

IEP Parent Resources

As a parent, we want to ensure our kids are receiving the support they need at school.

Often anxiously trusting a system that we thought would be as proactive as we are as parents. Yet, we learn quickly that we need to up our advocacy game and quickly.

Welcome to Parent Resources that Help You Elevate Your Parent Voice!

”Jessica is an amazing woman who helped me feel comfortable & prepared before going to my son’s first IEP meeting. I am completely new to learning anything about IEPs & what to expect. It was extremely nerve-wrecking to think about what they might say about my son, if they were going to do what was best for him, or what our rights as parents are going into a meeting. She helped me make sure my son’s needs were addressed.”

- The Armendariz Family -